India shines as the epicenter of global web3 growth at #IndiaBlockchainWeek

December 6, 2022

It isn’t fair to think of the massively energetic India Blockchain Week closing ceremonies as the ‘end of a rainbow’. What Bangalore has witnessed in the first week of December 2022, is both unprecedented and unbeatably inspirational. Web3 evangelists who flew in from around the world to catch a glimpse of the crucible of decentralized development are taking home memories of a spectacle involving tens of thousands of builders, dreamers, founders, and believers coming together to represent one simple fact.

India is leading the world into the age of web3.

Starting from established players in the layer 1 blockchain space like Polygon network, to newer players trying to make an indelible mark on decentralized finance (such as Cruize Finance and BetterBarter), the week was rife with the productive intermingling of ideas that will define the web3 economy of the future.

Asia’s biggest Ethereum hackathon, and the emergence of a new, web3-focused culture!

With over 2,000 attendees from 321 cities and 459 projects competing to be in the final top 10, ETHIndia has served as a defining moment for the Indian tech space to wake up and realize the active interest the country's thriving developer population has staked into the blockchain space.

The atmosphere at ETHindia was truly breathtaking, reminiscent of the glory days of the internet boom that took the world by storm when the world wide web first arrived on the global scene. It comes as no surprise, though, that the country that produces the highest number of skilled developers, is at the helm of the global web3 revolution. It is estimated that India has nearly 18.5 million developers, topping the charts as potentially the largest web3 developer base in the world.

The #buidler sentiment was omnipresent throughout stellar web3 mixers and side events to ETHIndia, such as Polygon Connect, The Gweithering, FILBangalore, and Buidler Hunt (organized jointly by Graviton and OG Club DAO, a pathbreaking web3 community platform that’s focused on Indian builders).

Team Graviton was sincerely impressed by the sheer scale of infrastructure, logistics, merchandizing and brand-building at the backdrop of an overarching, unifying thread - to celebrate the fact that the world is finally taking cognition of India’s eventual role in building world-class web3 products. Instead of adopting the popular, larger-than-life route with grandiose visuals and free-flowing merch, the team decided to play it closer to heart as far as integrating social hacks are concerned.

The social hack that took #IndiaBlockchainWeek by storm

A Dali-faced Graviton mascot was deployed to both

(a) Pop out as an element of the spirit of rebellion that the blockchain community deeply cherishes, and

(b) Make way for instant introductions and inbound inquiries regarding the spring cohort of Graviton’s India-focused web3 accelerator.

The results far outweighed our initial expectations; The attending crowd at almost every mixer, hackathon, and afterparty, vied to capture a moment with this element, affirming our faith in the sensibilities that attract a high-intent, and sincere web3 audience. We had the chance to interact with an array of defiant platforms aiming to decentralize communications, social identity, and alternate asset classes, among other traditionally web2-dominated areas. It was truly inspiring to be amid young and dynamic minds committed to the idea of a truly decentralized future.

What happens to this thriving web3 culture-scape after #IndiaBlockchainWeek?

India Blockchain Week may be over, but the country is just getting started on a new wave of techno-cultural meet-ups that bring together the web3 community for a vantage-point view of what’s ahead.

Leading the way, is Graviton’s very own #BuidlerHunt, a series of hyperlocal meetups aimed at introducing early stage Indian web3 founders to a growing ecosystem of web3 evangelists, investors, blockchain platforms, mentors, and much more - so that they are best equipped to tackle their growth and scaling challenges in a journey towards becoming India’s next web3 unicorn.

The energetic team at OG Club DAO will join hands with Graviton to create such curated experience, with a range of exciting contests and interactive pitches, so that the spirit of the week gone by remains forever in the hearts of a nation that is all set to write the next chapter of the technology evolution.

If you’re an Indian web3 founder, eager to learn more about these meet-ups and possibly attend one in the near future, don’t forget to join the Graviton Circle!


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