Solve for web3 as a founder, capital-backer, or technology mentor.

Are you a web3-first founder?

Applications to the first cohort are now closed, but you can get waitlisted to future cohorts today!

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Are you a web3 investor?

Invest smart, into India's most promising web3 startups through Graviton's circular economy

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Are you a web3 tech provider?

Build advocacy for your platform by providing grants and integrations to Graviton-backed startups.

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Are you an aspiring web3 mentor?

Apply to train early-stage web3 founders, help them solve practical problems & get rewarded in tokens!

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Are you a web3-first founder?

Graviton offers an initial investment of $50,000 to enlisted startups, in addition to mentorship support and technical grants backed by some of the world's leading web3 brands.

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Are you a web3 capital backer, VC, or angel investor?

Graviton offers an incredible opportunity to earn maximum skin in the game through a circular economy model that rewards investors, mentors, and grant providers in advisory tokens.

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Do you aspire to be a web3 mentor?

Graviton offers a rewarding mentorship experience to senior blockchain experts, where you can earn advisory tokens into early-stage web3 products by helping their founders solve practical business problems within a Graviton cohort.

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