All you need to know about Graviton’s assessment process (Spring Cohort, 2023)

December 7, 2022

Since our launch two weeks back, we have received an overwhelming downpour of interest from numerous early-stage Indian web3 founders, as well as the opportunity to interact with many of them in person, and over calls.

Founders in town to explore growth opportunities during #IndiaBlockchainWeek thronged Graviton Buidler Hunt’s first chapter in Bangalore - to learn more about the benefits of joining our accelerator.

Graviton is built on the foundation of collaborative inputs between #buidlers and everyone within our ecosystem. Accordingly, the constructive inputs collected from aspiring founders have allowed us to simplify the assessment process down to just 12 questions in a primary evaluation form.


  • Shortened feedback loop with applicants
  • Due diligence will now be on a rolling basis
  • Primary evaluation form -> Deep-dive questionnaire -> Video call with founders -> Induction to the cohort

Here’s what your application journey will look like :

Stage 01 - Primary evaluation form

  • Share the following on the primary evaluation form: Team size, elevator pitch, primary challenges, sector, stage, pitch deck (with roadmap), and the founder’s contact details
  • We will begin reviewing applications on a rolling basis, and shortlisted startups will progress further to Stage 02

Stage 02 - Deep dive questionnaire

  • The Investment team will undertake a deep dive into your product, understanding your technology, traction, team dynamics, and long-term goals.
  • Shortlisted founders will receive a deep-dive questionnaire via email. If you receive an email from Graviton asking you to provide additional insights into your startup, this indicates we’re seriously interested in your product.
  • These details are crucial for us to analyze your potential of joining the cohort, and we request founders to take time and answer comprehensively, to ensure that everything needed for an informed decision, is on the table.

This questionnaire will be split into four categories:

a) Founder details

b) Startup details

c) Startup strategy

d) Startup progress

Stage 03 - Video call with founders

  • This will be the last step before the final lineup gets selected into the cohort. Selected teams will be invited to attend a quick video call. We want to put a face to the most interesting applications and understand your journey/story in detail.

Stage 04 - Induction into the cohort

  • If you’ve made it so far, congratulations! You will be one of a carefully handpicked selection of founders, most likely to build the next web3 unicorn to emerge from India. You will shortly be guided through our induction and introduction processes.

Graviton is committed to help early stage Indian founders grow as fast as possible. Startups that make it to the cohort will receive:

  • Up to $50,000 as an initial investment
  • 16 weeks of mentor-led nuclear growth
  • Integrations, chains, and grants to help you build and scale
  • Guided assistance in web3-first principles, business strategy, growth marketing, and fundraising

If you’re an early-stage Indian founder, apply to Graviton’s spring cohort now, and take the first step towards unlocking your growth potential.


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